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Since 1952 , the " provision of medical care adapted to the region and era " as a basic principle in the center of Gunma Prefecture Isesaki , acute care , of course, is working seriously for long-term chronic health care due to aging I have come.

Heisei 25 years in July , but was relocated new construction in Isesaki Kashima than Otemachi Isesaki , so that " the building is new only " it is not said to be , staff together , piling even more of effort , study , local residents of everyone as it is a trusted hospital to be popular , while working to cooperation with neighboring clinics and medical institutions , we would like to continue to establish the medical people in the community can be peace of mind.

Teruo Kusaba

About us
Date of Establishment May 1, 1981
Address Gunma prefecture, Isesaki City, Kashimacho 556-2
Phone +81 270 24 3456
Building 4 story building composed of reinforced concrete
Number of beds Total 232 beds (general wards: 137 beds, long-term care wards: 95 beds)
General wards: 137 beds ---- Ward 2: 43 beds, Ward 2: 48 beds, Ward 3: 46 beds
Long-term care wards: 95 beds ---- Ward 4: 45 beds (suitable for medical-care insurance), Ward 4: 50 beds (suitable for medical-care insurance)
Medical departments Internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, surgery, gastroenterology, urology, orthopedics, rheumatology, rehabilitation, odontology
Related facility Honjo Fukushima Hospital、Honjo General Hospital、Ayanosono、Jobu Hospital、Honjo Nursing Home、Kumagaya Fukushima Hospital
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