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My name is Takeuchi and I took over the post of director from my predecessor Kusaba on October 1, 3rd year of Reiwa. Eight years after moving to a new hospital in July 2013, we have been working on the basic principle of "providing medical care adapted to the region and the times", but since the beginning of the second year of Reiwa, it has spread all over the world, let alone Japan. The situation has changed completely due to the corona sickness, and the fight against the coronavirus is still ongoing to protect the health and lives of the local residents.

I belonged to the rugby club when I was in college, and I was chasing an ellipsoid for the team. Even after becoming an orthopedic surgeon, the spirit of "One for all, All for one" cultivated at that time was "all for patients suffering from illness, medical professionals can unite as one team. It leads to the feeling of "let's do as much as we can". The new Kishida administration was inaugurated in the same way as when I became the director. The new administration's "tolerance and patience" is also the medical care that all the staff of Isesaki Fukushima Hospital are aiming for. We are willing to provide patient-friendly, safe and secure medical care patiently even in the midst of corona. Together with the staff, we will make further efforts and studies, aiming to be a hospital trusted by local residents, and we would like to cooperate with nearby clinics and medical institutions. Thank you very much.

Kimihiko Takeuchi

About us
Date of Establishment May 1, 1981
Address Gunma prefecture, Isesaki City, Kashimacho 556-2
Phone +81 270 24 3456
Building 4 story building composed of reinforced concrete
Number of beds Total 232 beds (general wards: 137 beds, long-term care wards: 95 beds)
General wards: 137 beds ---- Ward 2: 43 beds, Ward 2: 48 beds, Ward 3: 46 beds
Long-term care wards: 95 beds ---- Ward 4: 45 beds (suitable for medical-care insurance), Ward 4: 50 beds (suitable for medical-care insurance)
Medical departments Internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, surgery, gastroenterology, urology, orthopedics, rheumatology, rehabilitation, odontology
Related facility Honjo Fukushima Hospital、Honjo General Hospital、Ayanosono、Jobu Hospital、Honjo Nursing Home、Kumagaya Fukushima Hospital
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